International Women’s Day 2024

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, we reflect on the significant strides made to “Inspire Inclusion” which is this year’s IWD theme, by promoting gender equality in leadership roles. The importance of having women in leadership positions, especially in our industry, cannot be overstated; from improving patient outcomes to fostering a more inclusive work environment. Strong women leaders inspire inclusion in every tier of an organisation and pave the way for others following in their footsteps.

One of the key benefits of having women in leadership roles is their unique perspective and approach to problem-solving. Women often bring diverse experiences and insights that enhance decision-making processes and drive innovation. In healthcare, where complex challenges require creative solutions, having diverse leadership teams can lead to more effective strategies for improving patient care and addressing systemic issues. Studies have shown that diverse teams are more innovative, adaptable and resilient, leading to better organisational performance.

Women in leadership roles serve as role models and mentors for the next generation of healthcare professionals. By showcasing their achievements and sharing their journeys, they inspire other women to pursue leadership roles and break through barriers. Their mentorship and support create pathways for advancement, empower women to reach their full potential in the healthcare industry and inspire inclusion every step of way.

At St Luke’s Care, our executive team is majority female, with our execs hailing from different backgrounds and bringing diverse and complementary skill sets to the table. 3 out of our 7 executives started their careers as nurses and they use this field experience to shape their management decisions. Our CEO, Cindy Woods, began her career as a nurse and has worked her way up the career ladder to where she is now; overseeing a skilled and compassionate workforce of hundreds of staff caring for our local Eastern Suburbs community. She is a role model for all those who strive to follow in her footsteps.

On this International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the women who have made significant contributions to the healthcare sector and advocate for greater gender diversity in leadership roles in the future. We are so luck that here at St Luke’s Care, our leadership team is diverse and women are encouraged and supported to climb the career ladder to reach their potential. It really is a workplace that inspires inclusion at every level.