Ten Top Tips to Prevent Falls in the Home

Falls are a common concern for us as we age, often leading to serious injuries and a decline in overall well-being. Creating a safe environment at home is crucial to prevent these accidents. This April Falls month, our Allied Health Manager, Emily Peake, shares her ten top tips for preventing falls in the home:

  1. Try to do 30-60 minutes of exercise most days with a focus on maintaining and improving balance and strength. If you live near our campus in Potts Point, why not make this exercise a social event by joining a class at our Active Life Studio.
  2. Wear safe, enclosed footwear with good support and grip. Feeling confident in your own shoes will make a huge difference in feeling safe and steady on your feet.
  3. Keep your mind healthy and active as well as your body. If you’re looking for puzzles, games or other items to stimulate your mind and prevent cognitive decline, shop online at Mind Connect Australia.
  4. Secure loose mats or rugs to avoid slips and trips. Use non-slip mats or double-sided tape to secure rugs and carpets, preventing them from sliding and causing slips. This is especially important in high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways.
  5. Make sure you have enough lighting and turn lights on so you can see where you are going. Good visibility reduces the risk of missteps and will help you navigate your surroundings safely.
  6. Declutter living spaces and move large pieces of furniture so that you have a clear walkway and check your home for hazards – these could be loose carpets or rugs, cords from electrical appliances or other items you could trip on.
  7. Visit your GP for a review of your medications.
  8. Get your eye sight checked regularly!
  9. Install sturdy handrails on stairs, to provide support and stability as you move around your home
  10. Equip bathrooms with grab bars near toilets and in the shower or bathtub. Use non-slip mats inside the shower and consider a raised toilet seat for added convenience.

By implementing these ten tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of falls in your homes.

Creating a safe and supportive environment will empower you to maintain your independence and enjoy a higher quality of life. Remember, a proactive approach to home safety is key to preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of our loved ones. More information about falls prevention can be found here: https://fallsnetwork.neura.edu.au/aprilfalls/

If you would like one of our knowledgeable personal care assistants to come to your home to help with falls prevention, please call Paula on 02 9356 0305 or email enquiries@slc.org.au to arrange an appointment.