Evidence Based

Active Life Studio is run by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists ensuring this is a clinical model of care striving for positive health outcomes.

Individualised Plan

Each member undertakes an initial consultation with the physiotherapists and real-time data is used to formulate tailored individuals programs.

Results Driven

Active Life Studio uses smart card technology to monitor progress of individuals and this data is used to fine-tune programs.

Individual Assessments

All participants are eligible for an initial Assessment by our specialised trained staff.

Physiotherapy Consultation

Before commencing the circuit classes or membership with Active Life Studio each participant will undertake a physiotherapy assessment.

This assessment will formulate your Active Life plan which will be monitored by the physiotherapists for 12 weeks before a reassessment is undertaken to measure progress.

InBody Assessment

Body composition is essential for understanding the patient’s physiological makeup and guiding targeted therapies to enhance the success of weight management programs. InBody devices are non-invasive and convenient, making it the ideal tool to implement into clinical practice. The InBody test provides comprehensive results that can be used to educate and engage the patient as well as track health improvements throughout patient interventions.

In less than 90 seconds, the InBody test provides easy-to-understand, precise, and objective measurements to evaluate health risks and monitor progress.

Small Group Classes

All of our classes are run a small groups of 5-6 participants.

Hydrotherapy Class

50 minutes.
Join in on a fun class in the warm and modern hydrotherapy pool where we will go through a range of aqua exercises.

Active Circuit Class

60 minutes.
This circuit class using state-of-the-art equipment focuses on balance, strength and cardio. This class is lead by a physiotherapist.

Be Strong
Be Balanced Class

45-60 minutes.
A class to help improve both your strength and your balance, for a more active lifestyle.

Balance Circuit Class

60 minutes.
This class is focused on your balance and is run in a circuit.

Focusing on balance and strength

1-to-1 Private Sessions

Individual private sessions are able to be booked.

1-to-1 Physio Session

60 minutes.
1-on-1 appointment with a Physio.

1-to-1 Exercise Session

45-60 minutes.
1-on-1 private class with a Trainer.