The Rose Bay Committee

The Rose Bay Committee was established in 1921 as one of the various, local fundraising centers for St Luke’s Care. This group of dedicated volunteers work to support St Luke’s Care through annual fundraising events; Card Day in May and Garden Day in October.

They raise money to purchase much needed medical equipment and fund special projects to support the campus with becoming Australia’s First Holistic Campus for the Ageing.

Most recently, their efforts have funded our Community Program partnerships with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and the Art Gallery of NSW, where people living with dementia and their carers are invited to participated in an activity together with others in similar situations.

Our dedicated fundraisers

Committee Members

Co-Presidents Janatha Adams and Gail Anderson 
Honorable Treasurer Di Coates 
Honorable Secretary Wiebke Benze von Fritz  
Members Gillian Pembroke, Susie Allerton, Caroline Arnott, Pamela Benson, Colleen Bray, Judy Brogan, Penny Buckland, Lynnie Downes, Sandy Dunn, Caroline Feetham, Gina Grubb, Gilly Gruzman, Sally Haslingden, Sandy Horton, Di Jobbins, Barbara Killen, Gabrielle Leahy, Sara Mackellar, Jane Mander-Jones, Amanda Menogue, Jillian Orchiston, Lyndal Pierce, Libby Plaskitt, Vanessa Snelling, Margie Terrell and Susie Wilmott.