Types of respite care

Respite Care can take place in your own home or in a residential Aged Care home.

Respite in your own home

Flexible respite services are a government funded program that provide a carer for your loved one when you are taking some time away from our caring duties. 

How do I access flexible respite?

Complete an ACAT

Your first step to secure respite funding is to complete an ACAT assessment. An Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will come to your home and assess your needs. At this time you can request St Luke’s Care to be your provider, otherwise you will be nominated a provider.

I have a referral code for flexible respite, what is next?

Contact us on (02) 9356 0305. Our Case Manager will meet you at home to understand your particular requirements and create a personalised services care plan. These services can be provided in your home or to access the community.

Start your care services

You relax whilst our case manager matches your loved one with a suitable carer. Our carers will step in and care for your loved one, allowing you to get a much needed break or to have time and space to attend to important matters in your own life.

Alternatively, we provide you with the option to access private home care. Private home care does not require an ACAT assessment and all fees are payable directly by you.

Home Care pricing

Download our schedule of fees.

Respite in residential aged care

When it is time to transition from caring for your loved one at home, into Residential Aged Care, Lulworth House will provide you and your family with a respectful, warm and caring environment with all the special touches you expect in somewhere to call home.

We understand the important role that you play as a primary carer for your loved one. It is essential to look after yourself while you are caring for someone else. Managing your own self-care, while difficult to priorities when you are the primary carer for someone else, will help to maintain your own wellbeing and preserve your relationship with whom you are caring for.

Flexible respite services are a government funded program that provide a carer for your loved one when you are taking some time away from your caring duties. 

What is respite?

If you are a carer for someone who still lives in their own home, you may occasionally need to take a break from your caring duties. This may be needed to attend to other priorities such as surgery, holidays, home renovations, or just simply time out (which is a very valid reason in itself).

At Lulworth House, we are able to help by providing temporary care for short periods of time to individuals who may need it.

We would like to invite you to use our Respite Care services, by moving into Lulworth House on a temporary basis, for a mimimum of two weeks, and up to nine weeks, within any given financial year. While you stay with us, you can experience the best of what life at Lulworth House has to offer.