What is Private Home Care?

Private Home Care is self funded care within your own home. We offer our entire range of services immediately without any assessments or awaiting government funding.

Private home care does not require an ACAT assessment and all fees are payable directly by you.

Care tailored to your needs

Why use Private Home Care?

There are various reasons you may decide to pay for your own Home Care services such as to support you while you wait for your government funded home care package to be approved, if you’ve come out of hospital and require immediate assistance, or if you are in a transitional phase with your care needs.

Our team can discuss all options with you and work out what best serves your needs.

Alongside Residential Aged Care

Private Home Care can also be used alongside residential aged care and is ideal for those who would like some extra assistance, companionship or transportation while living with us in Lulworth House.

I’d like Private Home Care

Call us on (02) 9356 0305 and one of our dedicated team will discuss your needs with you and organise for a Case Manager to come and visit you in your home. We will work with you within your budget to create a personalised care plan.

What to expect

You can expect continuity of care and flexibility in adjusting your services as your requirements change.

Our experienced carers will support you throughout your journey, providing you with the personalised services you require to stay safe and happy in your home.