How much does Home Care cost?

Government funded Home Care

Your ACAT assessment will determine what level of care you qualify for. Each level of Home Care Package has a specified subsidy amount, which allows you to access a certain number of hours of service. Any additional service hours you may require are to be paid directly by you to your care provider. At St Luke’s Care, we can provide you with government funded or privately funded Home Care Packages.

Private Home Care

We can provide you with private home care, either while you are waiting to receive your package from the government, or if you would like additional hours of care. Our team will happily assist you in determining the level of care you require.

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How much does residential aged care cost?


As Lulworth House is an extra-service facility, we are able to offer you a higher standard of accommodation, food and entertainment than some other homes. Your total cost per day is a combination of your basic fee and your extra service fee

Basic fee
A basic daily fee is paid by all of our residents and contributes towards your care and living expenses. It covers things like meals, laundry, cleaning and maintenance of our facilities.

Extra service fee
An extra service fee is charged by extra service residential aged care facilities and it covers luxury items such as our in-depth activity programs, higher quality meals and advanced facilities. This is charged to all our Lulworth House residents.

Additional costs
Charged as used for things such as hair dressing.  

Permanent Residential Aged Care

Just like everything here at St Luke’s Care, the fees you pay can be customised to best suit your personal situation.

You can choose to pay a refundable accommodation deposit + a daily basic fee + an extra service fee or you can choose to pay a basic service fee + a daily accommodation payment + an extra service fee

Refundable Deposit (RAD)
The RAD is a lump sum payment you make to enter residential aged care. The amount you pay is refunded back to you or your estate once you leave our care.

Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)
This works like a periodic payment based on a daily interest rate. This fee is paid fortnightly in advance via direct debit.

Combination of both
You have the option to pay a nominated deposit and pay the outstanding balance in rent. For example, residents can decide to pay a deposit of 10% and the interest rate (rent) on the outstanding 90%.

Means-tested care fee
Depending on your income and your assets, you may be asked to pay a means-tested care fee. This is an additional contribution to your cost of care and will be determined by Services Australia. This is not paid to your care provider but instead is paid directly to the Federal Government.

Download St Luke’s Care fee schedule