Admission time

Our Pre-Admission staff will call you the business day prior to your admission to confirm your arrival time, fasting instructions and explain any clinical preparation. If you have not received a call or will be difficult to contact, please phone the hospital on (02) 9356 0200 between 2.00pm-5:00pm the business day prior to your admission.

The Patient Services Team will also contact you the business day prior to your admission to explain any out of pocket expenses associated with your admission. We ask that you finalise these expenses on admission. If you do not have any out of pocket expenses you will not receive a call.

Before coming to Hospital, Patients are NOT required to test for COVID-19 prior to admission however please contact your treating specialist via phone or email before coming to hospital if:
– You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have symptoms.
– You have been tested for COVID-19 and are waiting to receive the results.
– You are a high risk contact of someone who has tested positive with COVID-19 in the last 7 days.

For more information and to keep up to date please visit the Department of Health website or NSW Health website. If you have any questions at all about this, please speak to the Ward Nurse Unit Manager.

Preparing for your procedure

Your surgeon will let you know if you are required to prepare in any way for your procedure. If you are unsure of surgery preparations, please contact your specialist.

  • Please shower and wash your hair just prior to leaving for hospital, and put on clean comfortable clothes
  • Do not apply any powder, creams, lotions, makeup or nail polish

Your arrival

All patients are admitted via the hospital’s main reception desk. If driving, please proceed down the driveway of 18 Roslyn Street, Potts Point. There is 30 minutes free parking after which time fees will apply. The hospital will endeavour to minimise your waiting time where possible. Please understand if unforeseen events arise with other patients undergoing procedures, or further pre-operative tests or reviews are requested by your doctors in the interest of your care there may be changes to the time of your procedure.

What to bring

  • Any health fund or entitlement cards, e.g. Medicare, Safety Net, Veterans’ Affairs. If proof of entitlements are not presented, full costs will be charged
  • Any paperwork not already forwarded to the hospital
  • Relevant x-rays, scans or films
  • Pathology/blood test results related to this admission
  • Current medications in their original containers and prescriptions, including repeat forms and Webster-pak
  • Payment for estimated gap between fund benefits and hospital fees, or total estimated costs of hospitalisation if you do not have private health insurance
  • Entertainment such as an iPad, reading material and/or activity books
  • Any aids such as walking stick and hearing aids
  • For a child; favourite toy, formula, bottle and any special dietary needs (if applicable) 

What not to bring

  • Cash
  • Jewelry or valuables of any kind.
  • Hot water bottle or electric blanket.
  • Pets.
  • Oil burners, incense or candles.

Room allocation

Every effort will be made to provide you with your room preference, however, private rooms cannot be guaranteed and are allocated according to availability and clinical needs on the day of admission.

Your room

For your comfort, all rooms at St Luke’s Care Private Hospital are air conditioned with power and fan speed controls accessible to you. A bedside console provides easy access to telephone and television; including several Foxtel channels, radio and lighting controls.

Personal bath towels and mats are provided for all patients. Each bedside cupboard has a lockable drawer for the storage of personal items. Please understand that St Luke’s Care Private Hospital cannot be responsible for any missing items.

We strongly recommend that valuable items, jewelry or large amounts of money should not be brought to the hospital or kept in patients’ rooms.

Room service

Our delicious in-house menu is carefully curated by our Executive Chef to meet your nutritional needs. Meals are ordered in advance from a menu and can be tailored to your clinical and dietary requirements. You are also welcome to order meals or snacks from your chosen food delivery services, if you are able to meet your delivery driver in the reception area of the Hospital. We also have the Nightingale Café in our hospital reception, which is open Monday – Friday, 7:30am-3pm.


Visitors are permitted between 10.00am and 8.00pm provided they:
– Wear a surgical mask at all time while in the facility. Visitors under 12 years of ages are not required to wear a mask.
– Do not have any flu-like symptoms or other acute respiratory infection. Have not tested positive to COVID-19 in the last 7 days.
– Are not high risk* contacts of someone who has tested positive to COVID-19 in the previous 7 days.
– One (1) parent may accompany their child during the child’s admission.

An exemption to any of the above criteria may be permitted on compassionate grounds on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Ward Nurse Unit Manager on 02 9356 0200.

A high-risk contact is someone who has spent more than four hours inside a home, accommodation, premises or care facility with someone who has COVID-19.

For more information and to keep up to date please visit the Department of Health website or NSW Health website. If you have any questions at all about this, please speak to the Ward Nurse Unit Manager.

Checking out

  • Following discharge from St Luke’s Care Private Hospital, you will require someone to drive or accompany you home. If you are a day-only patient, your escort can be admitted to the Short Stay Unit by pressing the buzzer in the Short Stay Lounge near reception. For overnight patients, discharge is prior to 10.00am. We ask that you vacate your room by this time to allow us to prepare for the next patient. For the first 24 hours after your anaesthetic it is important that you:
  • Have a friend, family member or carer staying with you (unless approved by your doctor)
  • Do not drive a car
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Do not make complex or legal decisions

We advise that you should be in the company of a responsible adult for 24 hours after an anaesthetic.

  • After your operation you may be asked to follow detailed instructions upon your discharge. In most cases these instructions will be written down for you.
  • Please ensure that you are clear about any instructions (e.g. wound care or medication) prior to leaving hospital.

If at any point you are unclear about what to do following discharge, please telephone your treating doctor, or the hospital on (02) 9356 0200.

Settling your account

Your Hospital Account

We strongly recommend you check the level of cover you hold with your health fund and your eligibility for benefits.

Should you require an estimate of the likely costs for your hospital stay please contact your doctor’s office and ask for an estimate for length of stay and item numbers for planned procedure(s).

Please note that this will be an estimate only. All other accounts (e.g. pharmacy, pathology and radiology) are payable directly to the individual providers who will invoice you separately.

Your Doctors’ Accounts

Accounts from treating doctors are separate and are not usually fully covered by your health fund or Medicare.

Please contact your treating doctors directly for estimates and/or to settle these accounts. This also applies to anaesthetists.

Privately Insured Patients

Please check with your private health insurer to ensure that your insurance is up to date.

The hospital will check on your behalf whether you have an excess or co-payment to pay or if your level of cover or waiting period excludes you from receiving benefits for some conditions. However, it is important that you also check with your private health insurer as co-payments and costs for excluded procedures are your responsibility.

Uninsured Patients

If you do not have health insurance, you will be required to pay the full estimate of your account on or before the day of your admission.

Fees for additional or unplanned services are payable on or after the day of your discharge.


All veterans will receive a hospital estimate highlighting the potential out-of-pocket expenses associated with private room accommodation.

The hospital will ensure that prior approval is received for all White Card holders.

Gold Card DVA patients do not require approval prior to admission. If you require transport to or from hospital, you will need to contact DVA Transport to make arrangements.

Workers’ Compensation And Third Party Patients

All workers’ compensation, public liability and third party patients require approval from their insurer prior to admission. If approval is not received, the patient is required to pay the estimated amount on or before the day of admission.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), Workers’ Compensation, CTP, Defence patients and those with health insurance cover for shared rooms will have to pay a gap payment for each day you occupy a private room should you request such accommodation.

The telephone number for all accounts queries is (02) 9356 0212.