FAQ – Lulworth House

We have appealing menu choices at lunch and dinner each day.

All meals are prepared in our own kitchen by our executive chef using the freshest, seasonal ingredients and are of excellent quality. 

See a Lulworth sample menu.

Yes, of course.

The only restriction is the government requirement that you don’t stay outside the home for more than 52 nights per year.

Yes certainly, provided they are willing to come and visit you at Lulworth House.

Alternatively we have a list of St Luke’s Care accredited General Practitioners who can visit you as needed.

Please discuss with our admissions manager, Maria.

For your convenience, we provide your required medications and arrange the billing for you.

Yes, of course, we want you to feel at home. Many of our residents bring a favourite chair, a side cabinet, pictures and ornaments with them.

We do insist that you use our bed as it electrically operated for occupational health and safety reasons. We also discourage rugs as they can be a hazard for tripping.

For your convenience we supply fresh linen daily and launder it for you.

We provide services at no extra charge, such as recreational, podiatry, occupational and physiotherapy services, relaxation therapy, art and activity classes and outings on our bus.

You will need to pay for the hairdresser, manicurist and beautician if you choose to use their services.

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