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Why should I have a sleep study in hospital rather than at home?

Having a sleep study in a hospital has a number of advantages over home sleep testing, particularly for unusual or complex cases. Non-respiratory sleep disorders (e.g. narcolepsy), restless leg syndrome and less typical cases of obstructive sleep apnoea are all best tested in a hospital setting due to the monitoring equipment on hand.

Will the sleep study hurt?

Your sleep study will be non-invasive and non-painful. Whilst you may be worried that the wires and electrodes will affect your sleep, most patients find they have a good night’s sleep.

Can I bring my own pillow?

We welcome you to bring your own pillow to ensure you are comfortable and have the best night’s sleep possible.

Can I use the bathroom during my sleep study?

You can use the bathroom at any time during your sleep study. Simply press the call button next to your bed and a sleep technician will unplug your recording equipment.

What do all the sensors do?

Sensors and electrodes will be placed on you the head, chin, face, chest and legs. All these are painless to attach. These sensors and electrodes help determine what stage of sleep you are in, oxygen level, airflow, breathing effort, heart rhythm and leg movements. If you have any questions whilst being hooked up, your sleep technician will be happy to answer them for you. We also monitor you through video and audio whilst you sleep.