Advisory Services

Extra care where and when it's needed

When faced with a dilemma about healthcare, we understand how difficult it can be, in practical and emotional terms, to decide what the best care is for ourselves or a loved one. If you are uncertain on how to proceed, our experienced and highly knowledgeable staff are happy to sit down with you, your family members, and carers to work through the emotional and practical issues we all face when making important healthcare decisions.

Sometimes it is difficult to accept additional support or acknowledge delicate matters, such as expectations placed on family members and carers. There can be feelings of concern, guilt and stress - very common emotions - as many people often find it hard to deal with the changing family dynamics.

St Luke's staff can offer help in these situations by sensitively talking over the particular circumstances and concerns and exploring the range of care options available.

Whether through supportive discussion or as a source of information, our aim is to help individuals and/or family groups to:

  • Address difficult choices and decisions relating to residential aged care or home care
  • Suggest positive solutions and strategies
  • Outline costs of the various care options we offer
  • Track progress and provide follow-up assistance