Information for Inpatients

Your Room

The call bell

Your room’s call bell system allows you to contact nursing staff 24 hours a day. One button is located on the white handset by your bed, which your nurse will place within your reach. A second button is located on the bathroom wall. Please don’t hesitate to call staff to help you in any way.

Television & radio

Your room’s in-house entertainment includes free-to-air television, radio, and Foxtel. The system is remote-controlled and located on your white handset. The speakers are located in the handset. A channel guide is available in the patient information folder beside your bed.

Bed adjustment

Your bed is adjustable and can be repositioned using the up/down arrows located on the

In some cases, the bed’s position is set by the nursing staff to facilitate your recovery. If you feel uncomfortable, please press the call bell and staff will assist you.


  • Local Calls: Dial 0 to access an outside line. Local calls to landlines are free.
  • STD, mobile and international calls are payable on discharge.

Your direct telephone number to give to family & friends

You may receive calls directly. The number is recorded on the telephone and on your patient information board in your room.

Meal Service

A Diet Aide will visit you daily to take your order for meals the following day. The majority of meals have been created to meet the specific needs of patients in a healthcare environment, and are therefore lower in fat and salt content.

If you have special dietary needs, you can discuss these with the Diet Aides, who can be contacted on 9356 0250

Visitors may dine with you at meal time by ordering a meal at Front Office Reception.

There is a cost for visitor meals. Orders for lunch must be made before 10.30am, and dinner before 2.00pm.

Meal Services table

Patient Services & Facilities


All correspondence is delivered to and collected from the ward daily.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital; please contact the staff for the password.


Faxes can be sent or received on your behalf. Please ask the ward staff for assistance.


A newspaper can be requested from the ward staff.

Interpreter services

The Translating and Interpreter Service (TIS) is available 24 hours a day and provides a free interpreting service for doctors and specialists. If you would like an interpreter at any stage of your hospitalisation, please speak with your doctor or nurse. St Luke’s Private Hospital is happy to assist with these arrangements.

Please be aware, there are a small number of exceptions to the provision of free services. Compensation case patients, non-permanent residents and services not booked under the doctor are not eligible for free services. In these cases, charges apply.


St Luke’s Private Hospital provides a wide range of experienced physiotherapy services. Patients can be referred to rehabilitation programs by their Specialist or to Outpatient Physiotherapy after discharge. Please speak with the Physiotherapist for further information.


HPS Pharmacies provide Pharmacy services at St Luke’s Private Hospital. The Hospital has an onsite Pharmacist Tuesday to Friday. If you wish to contact the Pharmacist or Pharmacy, please ask the nursing staff.

Nightingale Cafe

The Nightingale Cafe is located on the first floor next to the hospital reception.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-3:30pm

The Nightingale cafe supplies a selection of fresh sandwiches, pastries, quiches and salads as well as coffee and drinks. Please let the staff know if you have any special dietary requirements and they will be happy to advise food choices.

Taxi service

A free call taxi phone is located on the first floor at the entrance to the hospital.


Pathology collectors visit the wards a number of times throughout the day to collect blood and other specimens.

Housekeeping Services

Your room will be cleaned daily. Please notify a member of the nursing staff if you have concerns about any aspect of the Housekeeping Service.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Please ask the ward staff to arrange a visit from the Social Worker if needed.

Important Information For All Patients


Please bring all current medications to Hospital with you. Medications brought into hospital must be in their original dispensed packs. Please do not bring in Webster, Dosette type or unmarked containers as we are unable to administer from these packs. 

On Admission, your nurse will discuss your medications including any herbal or over the counter medications with you and your family or carer (if appropriate). Please give your medications to your nurse at this time; they will be locked in the medication drawer in your bedside cabinet or in the drug cupboard. Your nurse will dispense your medications.  Any new medications prescribed during your admission will be dispensed by our pharmacy provider.

Staff identification

All staff wear name badges as a means of identification and internal security. The badge shows the staff member’s name and position.

Our staff wear different uniforms depending on their designation and role within the hospital.


We strongly recommend that you do not bring any valuables to hospital. St Luke’s Private Hospital does not accept responsibility for patient’s valuables or personal items.

Mobile phones

Signals from mobile phones may interfere with the safe operation of electronic medical equipment. Please switch off your mobile phone on admission and ask your nurse if mobiles can be used in your room.

Electrical safety

All electrical equipment, including laptop computers, electric shavers, hair dryers, radio/stereos and clocks, have the potential to affect our electrical network. Please consult with ward staff to have your electrical items checked before use in the hospital.

Smoke-free environment

St Luke’s Private Hospital building and grounds are a non-smoking facility as environmental tobacco smoke poses a significant health risk. Patients and visitors are requested to not smoke on Hospital grounds or within 50 metres of a vehicular or pedestrian entrance.


Cameras are positioned in common areas within the hospital. St Luke’s Private Hospital provides a 24 hour Security Officer contactable by calling 333 from the telephone at your bedside.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is centrally controlled. If you find that the air-conditioning system does not meet your requirements, please contact the nurse for assistance to notify the Maintenance Department.

Preparing To Leave Hospital

The expected discharge time is 10:00 am. Please arrange your transport home at or before this time.

Important information on discharge day

Before you leave the hospital, please make sure you have the following:

  • a discharge letter
  • all personal belongings
  • all current medications
  • made any necessary follow-up appointments
  • all personal x-rays
  • completed the Patient Feedback form.

On your way out, please contact Front Reception, in the first-floor foyer (where you checked-in on admission. You may pay your pharmacy account to the Pharmacist or HPS Pharmacies will mail you your account.

Discharge planning services

St Luke’s Private Hospital has a team of staff to help you with discharge. The Nursing Unit Manager can assist you to plan for your discharge and if required, referral to rehabilitation. St Luke’s Private Hospital has an inpatient rehabilitation unit, half day outpatient rehabilitation program and an outpatient physiotherapy clinic.

Transport arrangements

It is your responsibility to arrange transport home on discharge. If you are transferring to another facility, the ward staff will coordinate the transfer with you.

Social worker

St Luke’s Private Hospital provides holistic health care embracing your physical and emotional health needs. Our social worker can assist you with your discharge from hospital and offer practical and emotional support for you and your family. This service is complimentary and strictly confidential. To contact our social worker, please ask nursing staff to arrange a consult.

Post-discharge care

If you have any concerns about your progress when you return home, please contact your GP or referring specialist.

After hours, please contact your nearest hospital emergency department.

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