Information for Day and Short-Stay Patients

General Information for Day and Short-Stay Patients

St Luke’s Private Hospital Short Stay Unit is located on Level 1. It comprises a 14-bed admission, Day and Short Stay Unit and a procedure room. The Short Stay Unit admits all surgical patients and cares for day procedure patients. The unit also accommodates short stay overnight adult patients.

The Unit is co-located with the Operating Theatre Suite, which includes four theatres and a recovery room.

Contacting the Short Stay Unit

If you are unable to attend for your procedure because of an emergency or you are running late, please contact the hospital reception on (02) 9356 0200 to advise us.

Before You Come to Hospital

  • Prior to your admission, please send your Pre-Admission form to the hospital.
  • Contact your health fund to confirm your cover
  • Ask your doctor about any pre-admission preparations. Discuss your medications and what to take on the day of admission
  • Please call St Luke’s Private Hospital on (02) 9356 0200 after 2 pm on the day before surgery. We will confirm your arrival time and fasting requirements

Prior to admission, we ask that you:

  • Shower and wash using soap
  • Wear clean, comfortable, loose-fitting clothing
  • Remove all jewellery and nail polish
  • Abstain from food, drink and chewing gum in the preceding 6 hours, unless otherwise advised by your doctor
  • Please arrange for a responsible adult to drive you or accompany you home in a taxi

What to bring on the day:

  • Correspondence from your doctor(s)
  • Past medical history from your GP
  • List of your current medications and dosage information. This includes any complimentary or over the counter medications
  • All your medications in their original packaging
  • X-rays and test results relevant to your procedure
  • Health fund details and settlement of outstanding fees due on admission
  • Medicare Card, Pension Card or other concession cards such as Veterans’ Affairs Entitlement Card Health fund details. (Please confirm your private health insurance status with your health fund)
  • Reading material

What NOT to bring:

  • Valuables
  • Wheat packs as they can’t be placed in the microwave
  • Hot water bottles and electric blankets

When You Arrive

Please proceed to the reception desk located in the foyer on Level 1. You will be admitted to the hospital by the reception staff and then taken to the Short Stay Unit waiting area on Level 1.

The Short Stay Unit nursing staff will then take you into the unit to admit you. They will review your medical history, medications, allergies and confirm your identity and the procedure you are having. You will then be prepared for surgery. Your admitting nurse will orientate you to the unit and will guide you in the preparation for your surgery.

Occasionally, there can be unexpected delays.  We will keep you informed regarding any delays which may occur.  We suggest you bring a book or other diversion to pass the time should this occur.  Wi-Fi is available; please ask the staff for the password.

During Your Stay

You will be provided with a gown, robe and paper slippers to change in to. When prepared and your surgical team is ready, you will be transferred to the theatre where you will be given an anaesthetic as discussed with the anaesthetist.  After the procedure, you will be cared for in the Recovery room for a short time and then transferred back to the Short Stay Unit.

The length of time from admission to discharge depends on the type of procedure that you are having and how you are feeling.

After you procedure, you will be served with light refreshments and something to drink.

Preparing To Leave

Prior to your discharge home, you will be given instructions to follow, medication - if prescribed by your doctor - or a script for medication. These instructions provide you with information regarding the specific care required following your procedure.  We encourage you to ask questions and clarify any concerns you may have before leaving.  If you have any concerns while at home, you can contact the Short Stay Unit or the After Hours Manager on (02) 9356 0200 or, alternatively, contact your Surgeon or General Practitioner.

Please be aware that minor effects from anaesthetic or sedation can affect your memory, balance and muscle function which may persist for some hours. These effects vary and are not individually predictable.  

PLEASE note the following important information: 

  • You are not permitted to drive within 24 hours after an anaesthetic or sedation
  • You must be accompanied by a responsible adult from the hospital to home and it is strongly advised that an adult stay with you overnight following discharge
  • You should not operate machinery, schedule any important meetings or sign legal papers for 24 hours


The Short Stay Unit requests that if a patient is accompanied to the hospital, this is limited to one family member or friend. Following return to the Short Stay Unit, patients are able to receive one visitor. With the exception of parents or carers of a child having surgery, no visitors can see patients in the Recovery room.

Visitors and family are welcome to wait in the waiting room or in the Nightingale Café. Alternatively, if they wish to leave the hospital, please let the Short Stay staff know, indicate how long it will take to travel back and the staff will call near to the discharge time.