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Associate Professor Mark Winder

Suite 701, Level 7, St Vincent’s Clinic, 438 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

02 8382 6724

Associate Professor Mark J. Winder is an Australian trained Neurosurgeon, a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and a member of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia.

A/Prof Mark Winder initially trained as a physiotherapist at the University of Sydney, where he specialised in sports biomechanics and kinesiology. He worked at the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) Satellite Centres, toured with several Australian Teams and was a member of the Australian Olympic Medical Team. He was involved in the care of the Australian Kayak, Rowing and swimming teams, Rugby Union (club and national), international freestyle and downhill ski teams and elite track and field athletes. He is a very proud member of the Australian Olympians Club, following his medical involvement at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.

After seven years of spinal, biomechanical and musculoskeletal assessment, A/Prof Winder decided to further his knowledge of neuroanatomy with the aim of streamlining surgical decision making.

He attained his medical degree at the University of Sydney and completed his Neurosurgical Training throughout some of Australasia’s finest Hospitals. He concurrently completed a Master of Surgery (Neurosurgery) at the University of Sydney in 2006, under the supervision of Professor Michael K. Morgan, attaining the highest regarded surgical achievement, the John Lowenthal Medal.

He was chosen to complete further subspecialist training in North America where he underwent a dedicated 12 month Combined Spinal Fellowship at the University of Calgary, with a specific focus on Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery. He trained under some of North America’s finest specialist spinal surgeons, and was able to publish and present his research at several North American Spinal Meetings.

Upon completion of the Australasian Neurosurgical Fellowship, A/Prof Winder was selected for a Minimally Invasive Skull Base Fellowship at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute and Swedish Science Foundation in Seattle USA, where he was mentored by internationally renowned skull base neurosurgeons Dr Marc Mayberg, Dr David Newell and Dr Greg Foltz. He specifically focused on pituitary tumours, skull base tumours such as meningiomas, epidermoids, craniopharyngiomas as well as extending his knowledge on endoscopic approaches in the management of brain tumours.

Throughout both fellowships, A/Prof Mark Winder maintained a strong research focus, completing multiple papers, presenting at North American meetings, teaching dissection courses and being actively involved in junior training.

He has a special interest in endoscopic skull base surgery, focusing on pituitary tumors, meningiomas and chordomas. Wherever appropriate, a minimally invasive endoscopic approach is utilized for the removal of anterior skull base lesions such as pituitary tumours, chordomas, meningiomas, and craniopharyngiomas. There is evolving evidence suggesting the superiority of endoscopic approaches compared to open approaches in regards to cure rates, patient satisfaction, length of hospital stay and intracranial visualization.

He works with a dedicated skull base team, aimed at surgical success with minimal morbidity. He is one of the Faculty Directors of the Endoscopic Skull Base Dissection Courses held annually at St Vincent’s Clinic, working closely with A/Prof Richard Harvey.

A/Prof Mark J. Winder is the Director of Clinical Training at St Vincent’s Hospital for Neurosurgical Trainees and is actively involved clinical research. He is currently involved in the development of the Australasian Neurosurgical Curriculum and is keen to foster international academic relationships through conjoint fellowship programs.