Pre-Admission Information

Making your stay as pleasant as possible

Whether you're an inpatient or just in for the day, we do everything possible to make your admission and stay in hospital a comfortable and positive experience.

Our friendly and highly-skilled administrative and medical teams will guide you every step of the way to help meet your medical and emotional needs while you are in our care. We can also assist in arranging continuing care that you may require after you leave.

Before you can be admitted to St Luke's Hospital, you'll need to complete St Luke's Pre-Admission Form in consultation with your doctor confirming your personal details, consent for treatment and the details of your procedure.

The day before your admission, if we have not already contacted you, please ring (02) 9356 0200 after midday to confirm your admission. If you are scheduled for day surgery, you should not eat or drink for at least 6 hours before your operation/procedure, unless otherwise notified by your doctor.

If you are a first time patient at St Luke's Hospital, please read our Pre-Admission Brochure. It outlines information on forms, what to discuss with your doctor, health insurance and payment, what to bring, meals, hospital facilities and more.

More Information

St Luke's Hospital Pre-Admission brochure

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